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Dr Peadar Grant

1 Aims

This CA aims to show your basic abilities to create and utilise primarily IaaS and some PaaS components on the AWS.

2 Requirements

You are to identify a suitable problem that can showcase your abilities with IaaS and elementary PaaS components. Your solution must:

You are strongly advised to discuss your proposed solution with your lecturer before embarking on this project.

2.1 Indicative ideas

As a starting point consider: Dynamic web serving (, Java, PHP, Node.js), Queue job processing, Hosting of last year’s final year project, Hosting keyboard-driven app for SSH login.

3 Deliverables

3.1 Architectural Diagram (20%)

Your diagram must be named exactly ca1_diagram.pdf and contain on 1 A4 page:

  1. Your name, student ID number, module name “Cloud Architecture” and CA1 text. (Required for marking)
  2. A statement (1 sentence) of what the system aims to do. (5%)
  3. List of key functionality (5 bullet points). (5%)
  4. A visual diagram of your architecture showing the main services used and how they connect to each other. (10%)

3.2 Scripted setup (70%)

Your solution must be implemented in to form of a setup script named ca1_setup.ps1 (PowerShell) or (Bash). Your solution must obey the following constraints:

  1. Region used must be either us-east-1 or eu-west-1.
  2. VPC must be called CA_VPC.
  3. SSH keypair used must be named LAB_KEY.
  4. AMI Ids and all othe resources must be looked up programatically. There must be NO hardcoded IDs.
  5. Setup script must work in a clean install of PowerShell with only the AWS client already installed.
  6. Resource files (e.g. JARs, ZIPs, HTML) can be either: bundled with submission or downloaded from a site that permits public downloads (e.g. GitHub).

Submissions that fail these technical constraints will receive zero for implementation components.

3.3 Verification (10%)

You are required to upload at least three pieces of evidence that your solution performs as intended. These could be in the form of an image (PDF, JPG, PNG) or plain text (.txt ONLY). These should be named following the pattern ca1_verification_1.png, ca1_verification_2.txt etc.

4 Feedback

You will receive text-based feedback in the form of summary comments and/or comments inserted in your files. Verbal feedback is available on request.